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Thursday, June 9, 6 pm at Marco’s

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Next show Thursday, June 9 at Marco’s, 6 pm until whenever we quit. Emily is back in town, completing The 15th Floor for this show.

Marco’s Italian Bistro,

10855 N. Frank Lloyd Wright Scottsdale (1 block north of Shea, NE corner of Sahuaro and FLW.)


Fun! Fundraiser January 29th 7 pm

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 The 15th Floor, Suzy Fiddles, Ian Miller, and John de Roo at this acoustic music fundraiser for Arthritis Introspective

Moneys will be used to defray costs for national members to attend the annual meeting here in the valley.

In the “Big” room at Fiddlers Dream,

1702 E. Glendale Ave. in Phoenix.

Tickets $12 online, $18 door, tax deductible.

For more info and to buy online:

New Project Update

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Work has begun in earnest on the new album.  I am thrilled to announce that Kyle Harris, PlayR Recording, will be producing the album.  More information on Kyle will be forthcoming, as I plan to spotlight him in a future newsletter/blog entry.  Suffice it to say, Kyle, Emily, and I are very excited about the project.

The tentative goal is to have the album ready in April 2010.


The “old” album (From the Dining Room) is just now receiving a small surge of activity over the pond, with a review expected soon from The Netherlands and one from Leicester, UK.  (Hopefully, glowing reviews– I supply the CD, they supply the opinion.) The recent availability on CD Baby apparently has brought us more attention overseas.

Finally Finding Flipper

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The 15th Floor, and the rest of the family, recently spent a week on the big island of Hawaii.  As most family trips go, we had our ups and downs.  One child inevitably becomes ill; on this trip it was Emily’s brother, Zach.  Ten years ago, on our first family trip to the big island, it had been Emily’s turn to be ill.  Didn’t get to see the volcano, oh well.  Didn’t get to swim with the dolphins… OOHHH NOOOO!

On that trip ten years ago, Emily’s main goal for the trip was to swim with the dolphins.  Her little brother, whose only illness that trip was a four-inch square severe sunburn where we had missed with the sunscreen, was able to go… and, gosh darnit, he wasn’t even all that excited about it.

Emily_dolphin_cropped 001_edited-1 
So, this year’s trip it was finally Emily’s turn to swim with the dolphins.  Here she is, holding the dolphin’s chin– not to keep him quiet, but to give him a big kiss, which she did. (Yuck!) 

How about dolphin (and whale) songs?—

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When You Fall Out of the Boat

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When Emily was eight-years-old, we traveled to Colorado for a family reunion. (Incidentally, during that trip I finished the song, Listen to Me Breathe, which is on The 15th Floor’s album, From the Dining Room.) My father was undergoing chemotherapy for advanced colon cancer and this was his last hurrah. One of the highlights of the reunion was a river rafting trip.

Because of the chemo, my father was not feeling particularly well, but stoically managed to participate fully and enjoy himself—I am sure well entertained by our bumbling rafting expertise. Emily, by far the youngest to participate, was a bit afraid and on the drive to Fort Collins from Estes Park took a lot of convincing it would be fun and very safe. At the rafting company headquarters, all decked out in wet suits and ready to go, we congregated outside for the final set of instructions. →


In the photo, Emily and I are in the back, my father is front right.  In front of me on the left, my daughter, Amy, my niece, Keli. Behind my father, my niece, Carolyn, sister, Lee Ann.


The speaker, one of the guides, started with these words: “When you fall out of the boat…”

Emily heard no more. Totally freaked, she headed toward the changing rooms, feeling tricked and betrayed.


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Audio Books: A Cure for Road Rage

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Oddly, music (even The 15th Floor’s “From the Dining Room” album) cannot consistently soothe my road rage monster, but a good audio book can.

My drive to work isn’t long by most standards, 20 minutes, but through a part of Scottsdale and Phoenix rife with the type of drivers that can wreck my mood– and thus my day– in a hurry. Yes, I know, I shouldn’t take it personally, and I try… but by the fifth time the Camry pulls out in the fast lane forcing me to brake, then goes ONLY the speed limit, AND the Range Rover (or BMW) on my tail is so close I can see the driver’s shade of lipstick in my rearview… it’s a good thing my car isn’t equipped with missiles.

It has always been clear to me the only one harmed by my frustration and anger is me and the best way I have found to be almost completely oblivious to it is through audio books.


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