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Finally Finding Flipper

Posted: August 30th, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: adventure, children, dolphins, Hawaii, music, song lyrics, whales | Tags: , , , , , , , | No Comments »
The 15th Floor, and the rest of the family, recently spent a week on the big island of Hawaii.  As most family trips go, we had our ups and downs.  One child inevitably becomes ill; on this trip it was Emily’s brother, Zach.  Ten years ago, on our first family trip to the big island, it had been Emily’s turn to be ill.  Didn’t get to see the volcano, oh well.  Didn’t get to swim with the dolphins… OOHHH NOOOO!

On that trip ten years ago, Emily’s main goal for the trip was to swim with the dolphins.  Her little brother, whose only illness that trip was a four-inch square severe sunburn where we had missed with the sunscreen, was able to go… and, gosh darnit, he wasn’t even all that excited about it.

Emily_dolphin_cropped 001_edited-1 
So, this year’s trip it was finally Emily’s turn to swim with the dolphins.  Here she is, holding the dolphin’s chin– not to keep him quiet, but to give him a big kiss, which she did. (Yuck!) 

How about dolphin (and whale) songs?—

Dolphins make music that is supposedly soothing to humans (which I know nothing about) and humans make songs about dolphins (which I know a little about)- like the Flipper theme.  “They call him Flipper, Flipper, no one you see is smarter than he…”  Our kids were shocked Sherry and I could sing that song in its entirety.  They had only vague recollection of some dumb movie; we had years of television episodes and reruns. 

Or the lively little children’s song, Liam Lynch’s Dolphin Song.  And of course, the close relative, the beluga whale, has the most famous song of all, Baby Beluga, by Raffi. One of Em’s favorites when she was four years old.  She use to sing, “little white whale on the goat..” instead of, “little white whale on the go.”  We still all sing it that way with my grandson.  He’ll never get it right.

(Fiddle! I should have included that “blooper” in the Once and Future Songs column, “Chicken Go!”, from our last newsletter.)

Any other dolphin or whale songs that deserve mention?


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